Breeding Statistics

Statistic data.


  • Mares G – no. of mares fully registered in previous years (Main Stud Book). Includes mares in foal, mares with foal at foot and barren mares.
  • Yng M. G – no. of young mares fully registered in the current year. Includes mares in foal and mares with foal at foot.
  • Mares W – (open stud books only) no. of mares registered in previous years to Pre-Stud Book. Includes mares in foal, mares with foal at foot and barren mares.
  • Yng M. W – (open stud books only) no. of young mares registered to Pre-Stud Book in the current year. Includes mares in foal and mares with foal at foot.
  • Stallions G – no. of stallions fully registered in previous years.
  • Yng S. G – no. of stallions fully registered in the current year.
  • Breeding Foals – no. of fillies and colts that qualify for full registration (Stud Book) and fillies that qualify for the Pre-Stud Book. Excludes colts that do not qualify for full registration.
  • Non-breeding Foals – no. of fillies and colts that do not qualify for full registration (Stud Book) and fillies that do not qualify for the Pre-Stud Book.
  • Sires – no. of stallions that serviced at least one mare of the mentioned breed in the current year. Includes stallions of other breeds.
  • Av. M/S – average no. of mares serviced by one stallion of the mentioned breed. Includes mares of other breeds.
  • * Since 2014 studbooks are closed for fillies born out of unknown mares

Photos Paulina Peckiel and Marzena Woźbińska

Malopolska Horse (m)

Their pedigrees combine pure Arabian and Thoroughbred, as well as various Austro-Hungarian lines, such as Schagya, Gidran, Przedswit or Furioso. Malopolska horses are good-looking, with lean body, beautiful head and expressive eyes. They demonstrate good basic gaits and have excellent endurance.

Mares G7518337368909519361.0331.2391.3301.4021.6511.4231.3701.5551.5881.6521.7251.854
Yng Mares G151169148150169195174120190204282211223287244241219241
Mares W29344456736685207134183255251290334349498589549
Yng Mares W64312614131417202542324749376988
Stallions G739475101105105102118123146162247277315317300295349
Yng Stallions G3553614131411181719212478
Breeding Foals *5185144444705294835956638017681.1549761.132886680776843923
Non-breeding Foals791041041051051137394106115209190b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.
Sires829796104107117109 172194231201228288279266238 
Av. M/S9,499,2610,149,739,68,508,72 9,978,3111,3311,5611,2313,1414,7714,0112,14 

Wielkopolska Horse (wlkp)

This breed was developed on the basis of Poznan, Trakehner and East Prussian horses, as well as a few other German halfbreds, for example the Hanoverian. The desirable qualities of Wielkopolska breed are excellent jumping ability, good movement and rideability, combined with cooperative and attentive attitude to humans.

Mares G5435465927188208139691.2181.5391.7001.8441.8872.1612.3102.9873.2893.2983.461
Yng Mares G140156126160136222168219186177222296239328335285402556
Mares W56585792991091711603123975096147137989941.0761.0871.057
Yng Mares W15242013202115242130333439558780161189
Stallions G5440494754405364757787180260283272307323425
Yng Stallions G451425113377111369617
Breeding Foals *4905185134884714205547187838941.1061.2891.3231.4451.2531.3061.7761.867
Non-breeding Foals *192233104194221223126153170218323325b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.
Sires46455865647076 120145157158225241255269290 
Av. M/S13,2613,5314,1013,2013,169,9710,08 10,1010,9010,7912,7010,5512,518,4211,6012,60 

Polish Halfbred Horse (sp)

This is a sport horse breed used primarily in showjumping and dressage. Polish halfbred horses are born mainly by breeding Polish or foreign origin broodmares to foreign stallions or their Polish bred sons.

Mares G8068868951.0331.1061.1201.2691.6991.9702.1742.1812.3032.3952.4312.5992.8632.7042.609
Yng Mares G270353309346310316325199316307414407411554547460638522
Mares W656763868993136325238279320428526509552581602608
Yng Mares W412921282527121624234560508578117162115
Stallions G172185203205222207229267296268263477605602628642668736
Yng Stallions G331422252514191822374127454863476677
Breeding Foals *8609248638638978251.0981.4061.4681.6752.0652.4962.4982.5422.1992.2662.7932.579
Non-breeding Foals *562646644590676636340382433451677697b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.
Sires157161183182192195189 316362388406480510608550592 
Av. M/S10,5510,209,5511,219,148,497,86 8,228,529,029,4611,2710,248,5011,4810,41 

Silesian Horse (sl)

This is the heaviest breed among Polish warmbloods. It was developed by cross-breeding of warmblood mares originating from the region of Silesia and Oldenburg or East Frisian sires. They can be successfully used in equestrian sports, particularly in the discipline of driving.

Mares G1.4921.4211.3411.2871.2431.1321.1901.1921.2071.1931.136981900867861918944961
Yng Mares G36032130328825227425215119116323518816417114812386124
Mares W554952548078122184188194261291290414429470483529
Yng Mares W151213111414111713163137323235615549
Stallions G200188205195190162184186204181183267283242240249245301
Yng Stallions G282318212313152120192932343428211533
Breeding Foals *1.3321.2151.1081.0109698449468899739821.0901.1291.040885626562533583
Non-breeding Foals *305284268266291251164172214232354443b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.
Sires211208204212208211206 247251266239233213202245199289
Av. M/S14,9414,1913,9014,4813,5617,7611,79 12,6412,3714,0015,8717,8818,1419,6219,4417,4419,11

Polish Coldblood Horse (z)

This is the most numerous population among all Polish breeds. They are mostly bred for slaughter, however, more and more people appreciate these horses in agritourism and organic farms for driving or riding.

Mares G5.6015.6195.5615.8105.8955.5905.5845.6215.4245.0965.2414.5954.2074.4003.9374.2844.3754.404
Yng Mares G1.3991.2631.1891.3131.2951.3371.4001.4131.1711.1501.3581.3291.0541.025967774762775
Mares W7587398491.0401.1601.2091.3831.3091.4661.9151.8762.1062.0351.9171.9642.3562.2662.266
Yng Mares W2452352442852112422833093092.84438425417470423432466455
Stallions G1.6131.4841.5441.7931.8551.7911.8731.9413.1472.2152.2452.6592.5962.1252.0081.8051.6581.525
Yng Stallions G383338283272218348294275234341337406564594429389444417
Breeding Foals14.40413.91213.56614.07815.44215.18616.34117.33418.08917.81123.62720.01916.41512.1218.2524.7515.1705.362
Non-breeding Foals7.0737.3737.2887.8758.8838.86110.04010.71411.86411.33217.74015.036b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.
Sires1.7561.6961.8281.9521.9491.8501.930 2.4342.7192.6672.4352.4922.2241.9021.7521.5721.495
Av. M/S15,5816,1715,9617,0716,4017,0417,15 19,2319,3424,1625,0427,5431,2232,0529,1530,0431,42

Polish Ardennes Horse (ard.pol.)

Polish Ardennes horses originate from mating foreign Ardennes on Polish territory. Swedish, French and Belgian Ardennes had and still have the greatest influence. It is allowed for this breed to have one coldblooded ancestor in the third generation on the dam’s side. Polish Ardennes are a type of heavy, massive horse, however their characteristic feature is the quality of gait. They have a long stride in walk and a dynamic, flexible movement in trot, which makes them perfect for driving usage, mainly in agrotourism.
Polish Ardennes is the youngest horse breed in Poland, therefore the type of Polish Ardennes is not yet homogeneous.

Mares G18215511810568
Yng Mares G8853583455
Stallions G8464625229
Yng Stallions G1729262528
Breeding Foals192215165147140
Non-breeding Foals07620
Av. M/S15,2116,5616,0618,59 15,76

Hucul Horse (hc)

This is a primitive horse breed that comes from Carpathians. Huculs are superb mounts for children and adults hiking in mountains. They may also be used in hippotherapy or recreational riding.
Stud-book of Origin of Hucul Horses

Mares G1.2811.3361.2831.4071.3611.2681.2801.2411.2111.1721.172925840734644426500435
Yng Mares G1651701302032002231872052051912091951751621461487980
Stallions G155147161166178168169169174163149190146122114967779
Yng Stallions G1210012886812171924213323242820
Breeding Foals848800779739795651662603678654748668620445358336328285
Non-breeding Foals4033192639324045505365b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.
Sires155154152169164142156 1791821821741551471291148293
Av. M/S8,238,208,097,837,277,887,19 5,115,816,487,147,637,277,277,637,187,48

Polish Konik (kn)

This is a primitive breed which descends from Tarpan wild horses. A certain number of Polish koniks dwell semi-wild in their natural habitat. The stabled ones are popular in hippotherapy centres and agritourism farms.
Stud-book of Origin of Konik polski breed

Mares G1.3211.2981.2091.2291.100974819861814748612561505458358404368404
Yng Mares G21914918824020122221516515916317213310992100916044
Stallions G14514614515115513914714214212711817314210797887489
Yng Stallions G1712149511111714162620213627211914
Breeding Foals1.1321.108998958864751604628602548513467441280218198181218
Non-breeding Foals3341153036353035443943b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.
Sires166159163168162158152 165177166159134135113978992
Av. M/S10,8910,179,379,427,977,777,70 7,525,575,575,725,855,134,954,544,515,01


There are three sections of Polish Pony Stood Book:
Section I – Polish Shetland Pony (p. kuc szetl.). These are all colours small ponies, up to 110 cm, bred mainly as pets. Please note that there is a separate stood book for pure bred Shetland ponies which is The Polish Shetland Pony Stood-Book.
Section II – Polish Riding Pony (pkw). These are ponies that are 111 – 148 cm tall. They are good riding horses for children and youth riders both for sport and leasure or hippotherapy.
Section III – Felin Pony (kf). These are Polish bred sport ponies that descend from Arab horses, Polish koniks, Malopolska horses and Welsh ponies. The minimum height is 117 cm and maximum is 148 cm.

  • Since 2011 Main Studbook
  • 2002-2010 Register for ponies (up to 148 cm) and small horses (149-156 cm)
Mares6980748092699154600 695771697747787745699
Yng Mares38202617322336897188130129186152124207169
Stallions6465575558404525397 402350284289237245243
Yng Stallions22151411187935584774717975476069
Breeding Foals245253244236251219287211339 1.504962789648576788755
Non-breeding Foals624719707695741659856781753 b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.b.d.
Av. M/S4,784,264,773,804,463,503,394,373,905,265,464,384,914,534,114,133,60
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