Stallion Performance Test


In 2018 there will be two stal­lion per­form­ance tests:

  1. 100-day field stal­lion rid­ing and driv­ing per­form­ance test for Malopolska, Wielkopolska, Polish half­bred and impor­ted warmblood stal­lions:
    • qual­i­fic­a­tion on 15th – 13th of May in Leszno and 29th – 30th of May in Bialka,
    • final test on 23th – 24th of October (place soon).
  2. 60-day sta­tion­ary stal­lion driv­ing per­form­ance test in Ksiaz for Silesian stal­lions:
    • qual­i­fic­a­tion on 16th – 17th of August,
    • final test on 12th – 13th of October.