Golden anniversary of SK Janow Podlaski

On 18 December 1817 the horses foot march reached the Janow Podlaski (then called Janow Bishop). The rate of this there were 54 stallions, 100 mares (including 63 Danish, 30 British, 3 Mecklenburg, 2 Arab, 1 Turkish and 1 Neapolitan) and 33 art youth three years, and among stallions 25 races English, 9 Arabic, 6 Persian, 5 Turkish, 4 Danish, 2 Mecklenburg, 2 Mountain Caucasian and 1 Neapolitan. Stallions were located in the town by the castle bishop, while the mares and young people Convenience farm, where he is now a stud.

W. Pruski
photo Artur Bieńkowski
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