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Golden anniversary of SK Janow Podlaski

18 December 2017 · Category: Breeding

On 18 December 1817 the horses foot march reached the Janow Podlaski (then called Janow Bishop). The rate of this there were 54 stal­lions, 100 mares (includ­ing 63 Danish, 30 British, 3 Mecklenburg, 2 Arab, 1 Turkish and 1 Neapolitan) and 33 art youth three years, and among stal­lions 25 races English, 9 Arabic, 6 Persian, 5 Turkish, 4 Danish, 2 Mecklenburg, 2 Mountain Caucasian and 1 Neapolitan. Stallions were loc­ated in the town by the castle bish­op, while the mares and young people Convenience farm, where he is now a stud.

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PZHK acknowledged by KWPN

5 March 2013 · Category: Breeding · Breed: , ,

For years, the KWPN has gran­ted acknow­ledged status to stud­books ranked in the top ten of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) over mul­tiple years. Offspring of stal­lions approved by a KWPN-acknowledged stud­book qual­i­fy for Register A and, upon meet­ing spe­cif­ic cri­ter­ia, are accep­ted into the KWPN stud­book. Read the full entry „PZHK acknow­ledged by KWPN” »

Access to PZHK Pedigree Database

14 February 2013 · Category: Breeding

English ver­sion of PZHK Pedigree Database is now avail­able online free of charge! It allows search­ing for ped­i­grees and pro­geny of mares and stal­lions approved by PZHK. To check inform­a­tion on your horse go to Pedigree Database. Read the full entry „Access to PZHK Pedigree Database” »