Cavaliada Lublin: The Best horse of Polish breeding

10 February 2017 · Category: Sport · Breed:

During the award cere­mony of the com­pet­i­tion PKO GRAND PRIX LUBLIN Adam Grzegorzewski received an award for his geld­ing OKARINO sp (Pavarotti Van De Helle westf. – Obella hol. after Cassini II hol.) bred. Justyna Kubik Manitta, own­er: Sylwia Grzegorzewska who received the award for the BEST HORSE IN POLISH BREEDING dur­ing Cavaliada Lublin 2017. Award on behalf of the Polish Horse Breeders handed by vice pres­id­ent Ryszard Pietrzak. Adam Grzegorzewski and Okarino were third in the com­pet­i­tion, with min­im­al loss of 0.04 sec to the win­ner, Czech Ales Opatrny and BALGUERO.

photo Cavaliada Lublin

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