Vive la Pologne! Polish horses in Pompadour

15 September 2015 · Category: Breeding Shows, Time for Polish Horses · Breed:

For the third time in a row Malopolska Horses took part in French Anglo-Arab Championship dur­ing Pompadour Great Week Event. Each time Polish Anglo-Arabs clas­si­fy at high pos­i­tions. Here is a short sum­mary of 2015 Polish team res­ults.

Three Polish fillies in 3-year-old classes, and PZHK Prize

JODŁA m (by Juniperus, out of Jedlanka by Jun Bej), bred and owned by Bogusław Dąbrowski, repeated her last year’s suc­cess and won the 3rd stud­book sec­tion class. TINA TURNER m (by Sentender, out of Tatiana by Efekt), bred and owned by Gustaw Leksa, placed 2nd; and ANABELL m (by Frazes, out of Armona by Decoration), bred and owned by Katarzyna Podkańska-Dziubińska, placed 6th in the class for fil­lies eli­gible for the 1st and 2nd stud­book sec­tions.

The prize for the best 3-year-old horse, fun­ded by Polish Horse Breeders Association, went to a French colt Captain d’Ovalie (by Tinka’s Boy, out of Peps d’Ovalie by Exocet de Ceran), owned by Deniel Faille.

Two colts and three fillies in the 2-year-old 1st and 2nd studbook section classes

EGER m (by Top Gun, out of Elekcja by Puszczyk), bred and owned by Marcin Paw, received the highest note for  free-jump­ing and placed 2nd out of 11 colts. LOTOS m (by Huzar, out of Lotta by Top Gun), bred and owned by Michał and Iwona Wolski, placed 4th receiv­ing the same high note for con­form­a­tion as the class win­ner.

MODENA m (by Szkrab, out of Mocca by Baryt), bred and owned by Aleksander Łoj, Placed 3rd with the highest note for con­form­a­tion. ARSZAFIRA MA-WI-AA m (by Saganek, out of Aragona by Szał), bred and owned by Magdalena Wiśniewska-Martyniuk, and ANTYLYA m (by Szkrab, out of Akustyka by Jung), bred and owned by Aleksander Łoj, placed 5th and 6th respect­ively.

Polish Horse Breeders Association sin­cerely con­grat­u­lates all breed­ers men­tioned on the inter­na­tion­al suc­cess of Polish Anglo-Arabs.

Complete results:

photo by Mateusz Staszałek

photo by Mateusz Staszałek

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