Polish Championships for Young Horses in Eventing

25 September 2014 · Category: Sport · Breed: ,,,

We already know the res­ults of Polish Championships in Eventing which took place last week­end in Strzegom. Polish horses breed in Poland were highly loc­ated, which only means that there is huge poten­tial in breed­ing of horses for the pur­pose of this dis­cip­line.

The best 4-years-old was grey Karantinus wlkp (Ekwador sp – Karolina wlkp / Azer wlkp), breed and own by Andrzej Dworak, rid­ing by Czech rep­res­ent­at­ive – Miroslavem Prihoda. Second place belongs to Joker W m (Łowaca m – Jugla m / Przedświt XIII-4 x), breed and own by Ryszard Wójcik, rid­den by Ewelina Polska. On third place there was mare Ilwita sp (Wiwat m – Iluzja m / Len m) under Aleksandra Pilatowicz. The mare was breed and belongs to SK Prudnik.

The Polish Champion of 5-years old horses is Barbados sp (Moravia westf. – Babilonia xx / Jape xx), rid­den by Andreas Dibowski. Barbados is half-broth­er of Banderas which was the bronze medal­list on World Championships for Young Horses in 2013. Horse was breed by Roman Drabiński and sold to Germany to Dr. Manfred Giensch. Second place belongs to Łalisco sp (Faust Z KWPN – Łotwa sp / Galisco du Mesnil s.f.), breed by Mariusz Kleniuk, present­ing by Juulia Savonlahti, who is also the own­er of the horse. Bronze medal went to trakehner Jazon (Ajbek wlkp – Jaśmin wlkp/poch.trk. / Lwów wlkp), breed by Marek Przeczewski, rid­den by Natalia Wrona.

In 6-years-old horses cat­egory the win­ner is Ambrozio J trk. (Czarczaf wlkp – Ambrozja wlkp / Hamlet Go trk.), breed and own by Jerzy Joskowski, rid­den by Mateusz Kiempa. Silver medal went to Remiks m (Dounba xx – Rafa m / Vis Versa m), breed in fam­ous SK Janów Podlaski. The own­er of this horse is the rider – Agnieszka Karlińska. On third place was breed in SK Racot stal­lion Grand Supreme sp (Chef Supreme xx – Grenlandia sp / Landos hol.) belong­ing to Anna Mańczak, rid­den by Mateusz Kiempa.

Karantinus sp photo: Leszek Wójcik

Karantinus sp
photo: Leszek Wójcik

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