Now Polish Horses” auction

11 September 2014 · Category: Breeding, Breeding Shows ·

Polish Horse Breeders Association and the Agricultural Property Agency, in col­lab­or­a­tion with Polturf – Barbara Mazur and Poznań International Fair have pleas­ure to invite you for the horse rid­ing horses auc­tion “Now Polish Horses”, which is planned in the Polish Breeding Pavilion, dur­ing Cavaliada Poznan on 4 – 7th December.
Perhaps due to the above ini­ti­at­ive suc­ceeds in estab­lish­ing the best tra­di­tions of Pride of Poland, an event in Janow Podlaski con­tinu­ously for over 30 years, where the Polish Arabian horse is recog­nized and val­ued brand in the inter­na­tion­al for­um. So, to the mar­ket for Polish breed­ing horses suc­cess­fully grow …

We invite poten­tial exhib­it­ors, cli­ents and the pub­lic at auc­tions “Now Polish Horses” !!! Let us build togeth­er the story of the new ven­ture.

We breed horses in Poland for sport, recre­ation and tour­ism. We have an excel­lent and ver­sat­ile util­ity Polish horses. We do not need to buy them in oth­er coun­tries.

See you in the Polish Breeding Pavilion at the International dur­ing Cavaliady, 4 – 7th December.

Please find applic­a­tion form.


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