Auction ‘Time for Polish Horses’ 2014

Polish Hose Breeders Association and the Agricultural Property Agency in cooperation with ‘Polturf – Barbara Mazur’ and the International Poznan Fair present for your information the conditions for registering to the auction of riding horses ‘Time for Polish Horses’ that will be held in Polish Breeding Pavilion during ‘Cavaliada’ in Poznan on 4-7 December, 2014.

We hope that this initiative will correspond to the best tradition of the ‘Pride of Poland’ Auction, which has been for 30 years held annually in Janów Podlaski Stud and contributed to the fact that the Polish Arabian horse is a world established and valued trademark. It is our wish that the entire market of Polish bred horses developed with an equal success…

We invite potential exhibitors, clients and audience to ‘Time for Polish Horses’ Auctions!!! Let us build together the history of a new enterprise created to stimulate the turnover of domestic bred horses. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. We should learn to appreciate our own goods.

In Poland, we breed horses for sport, recreation and tourism. We have got splendid and multi-purpose Polish horses. We do not need to buy them from Western Europe. And we should be proud to show them…

See you in the Polish Breeding Pavilion at Poznan International Fair Grounds during Cavaliada on 4-7 December, 2014

Registration form is appended.

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